My name is Marcy and I have been a maker since I was 9 years old.

Introduction: In my heart, there will always be a special place reserved for my dad, my favorite maker. Fondly remembered as the go-to person in our neighborhood for fixing just about anything, he possessed an innate ability to transform raw materials into cherished creations. His garage, his sacred makerspace, was a treasure trove of woodworking tools that enabled him to craft furniture, cabinets, and all sorts of marvelous things. The aroma of freshly sawn wood wafting through the air was a symphony of inspiration and memories. With his remarkable skills in woodworking, welding, painting, and even sewing, my dad was truly unstoppable, capable of repairing and creating anything that came his way. Oh, and did I mention he even had a little sewing machine from his time in the US Marines? It's a cherished memento I hold dear.

A Legacy of Making: My dad's passion for making was contagious, and I am forever grateful for the inspiration he instilled in me. Through his talents, he showed me the beauty and satisfaction that comes from crafting with one's own hands. Whether it was building something from scratch or restoring a worn-out treasure, my dad's love for making left an indelible mark on my soul.

The Essence of Woodworking: Woodworking was my dad's truest passion. His craftsmanship, honed over years of practice, was a sight to behold. With each stroke of the saw, the touch of a chisel, and the meticulous sanding, he transformed ordinary pieces of wood into works of art. Witnessing him bring life to raw materials was a magical experience that kindled a flame of creativity within me.

A Multifaceted Maker: My dad's skills extended far beyond woodworking. His ability to weld metal and skillfully paint intricate details added an extra layer of depth to his repertoire. There seemed to be no challenge too great for him to tackle. From broken tools to worn-out furniture, he breathed new life into everything he touched. Even sewing was a skill he mastered during his time in the Marines, where he selflessly helped others with their uniforms. I am honored to possess the very sewing machine he used during those noble days.

Inspiring Future Generations: As a maker myself, I strive to carry forward my dad's legacy and inspire the next generation to embrace the joy of creating. Through sharing stories of his ingenuity and the passion he had for making, I hope to ignite a spark within young hearts and encourage them to explore their own creative potential. In a world that sometimes values convenience over craftsmanship, it is essential to cultivate a love for making, for it nurtures our souls and connects us to the beauty of the tangible.

Conclusion: My dad, the ultimate maker, left an immeasurable impact on my life. His unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, his ability to transform materials into cherished treasures, and his contagious passion for making will forever inspire me. Through his diverse skill set and unwavering creativity, he taught me the power of self-expression through creation. As I carry on his legacy, I invite others to join me in celebrating the art of making, cherishing the past, and building a brighter future filled with endless possibilities. Let us keep the spirit of making alive, empowering ourselves and inspiring generations to come.